Cornerstone - Wild Kaapi
Cornerstone - Wild Kaapi
Cornerstone - Wild Kaapi


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The story behind the name is believed to have arisen when the previous owner received his part of a larger family holding and his portion happened to be at the corner of the larger family holding. Hence, the original name “Moolemane”, loosely translated as Cornerstone. The second generation farmers carefully nurture shade grown coffee on a plantation that is at an elevation 3805 feet and over 70 years old.

The farm faces the windward side of the Western Ghats receiving abundant rainfall, hence forming an important part of the Western Ghats complex. The farm maintains an excellent cover of native trees species as natural shade for their coffee. This in turn has helped to sustain the diversity of flora and fauna giving the coffee its unique flavour. The over one-tonne Gaur shares space with the Small Sunbird. Check them out alongside our product picture. 

Expect this medium roast 100% arabica Wild Kaapi to have hints of Orange, Honey and Cinnamon.

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