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The Western Ghats of India are a global biodiversity hotspot. The Ghats are home to one of the world's largest populations of tigers, elephants, leopards and many endemic species. International scientific studies have coffee farms to have high levels of biological productivity, species diversity, and endemism and are ideal for promoting wildlife friendly coffee production. 


Wild Kaapi® was India’s first CERTIFIED WILDLIFE FRIENDLY™ coffee company. Wild Kaapi® consults with Indian wildlife scientists to ensure that comprehensive ecological audits are conducted. Our goal is to build sustainable livelihoods and create a network of coffee growers who foster wildlife on their lands while delivering the highest quality, freshly roasted coffee to your homes.

With Wild Kaapi® we hope to establish a unique locally based certification program that enhances the value of existing coffee production systems and promotes local biodiversity. In the long term, it will build a network of farm owners who are able to market premium wildlife friendly coffee and support wildlife on their lands.


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