Vishnupriya Sankararaman

Vishnupriya SankararamanVishnupriya Sankararaman graduated with a MSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation from India’s leading wildlife program run jointly by the National Centre Biological Sciences and Wildlife Conservation Society-India program in 2012. Her Masters dissertation explored the impact of fishing on hill stream fish in Pakke Tiger Reserve, Arunachal Pradesh. She has been associated with the Centre for Wildlife Studies and Wildlife Conservation Society-India on various research projects since 2009. Vishnupriya has worked on a range of studies examining ecotourism, voluntary resettlement and biodiversity in agroforestry landscapes. An avid naturalist with a deep passion and fondness for frogs, she wants to work towards the conservation of freshwater ecosystems. Vishnupriya plans to do a PhD on amphibians of the Western Ghats.