Agora - Wild Kaapi
Agora - Wild Kaapi
Agora - Wild Kaapi


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Fierce Beans | Chemical Free Lands | Home to the Leopard Cat

Agora is another name for Kala Bhairava, a manifestation of the powerful God Shiva. For generations Kala Bhairava has been the family's deity, protecting the farm and all which inhabit it. What better name for these fierce, dark and wild 100% arabica beans, strong with the deep roots of Indian tradition than Agora?

The third generation farmers passionately grow coffee on a plantation that was founded in 1905 at an elevation of 3395 feet. Agora is a medium roast coffee which has tasting notes of Orange, Caramel and Chocolate. The coffee is FARMER CERTIFIED ORGANIC and grown without any pesticides or herbicides for over 4 years on a farm that has an abundance of native tree species. 

The Grey Headed Bulbul and the Leopard Cat live with Agora Kaapi.

Can't decide how to brew your Wild Kaapi? Have a look at Wild Kaapi's guide to brewing.


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