Singalika - Wild Kaapi
Singalika - Wild Kaapi


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Introducing Singalika, our new South Indian Filter blend that contains the best Wild Kaapi single origin Arabicas known for their flavour and complexity blended with Robusta and Chicory to add body creating an exciting new Filter Kaapi. 

So to all of you who'd just like to go about their routine like you always have and not be bothered by all the exotic gadgets out there, this is for you! 

The name Singalika is the regional name for the Lion-Tailed Macaque or the LTM which ranks among the rarest and most threatened primates. While the Big Cats and other charismatic species seem to get their due, few realise that only about 3500 of these Old World Monkeys survive in the world today and they happen to be in our back yard, the Western Ghats! 

We are commemorating this limited edition run with a brilliant LTM logo designed by our partners and good friends at the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network. This logo will be unique to our Singalika packs of South Indian Filter coffee.