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Tree Rich | Chemical Free Lands | Home to the Brown Palm Civet

The Tat Tvam Asi plantation was formed due to the founder's love of nature. Amidst all the deforestation, habitat loss of wildlife, poaching they wanted to secure a piece of land where farming activities would give back equally to nature. As a result, the founders Vishal Mehta and Aditi Mehta established their base close to the Bhadra Tiger Reserve and started an Organic Farm modelled on sustainable Principles of Permaculture with its aim to conserve and promote biodiversity through Organic/Agroforestry, annual Reforestation, water & soil conservation, composting, off-grid living and sustainable tourism. The status of their organic certification is currently “Produce from In-Conversion II” from KSOCA.

The 25-acre off-grid Permaculture Farm is located on the Bababudangiri range at an altitude of 4533ft above sea level surrounded by biodiverse shola grasslands and montane rainforest close to the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary with about one-third of the farm left completely untouched for wildlife. The farm is biodiversity-rich, home to over 54 tree species and more than 78 species of birds like the barbet, bulbuls, babblers and flycatchers. Butterflies include the Blue Tiger and Chocolate Pansy, and mammals like the Sambar, Muntjac, Mouse Deer, Leopard Cat, Small Indian Civet and the rare and endemic Brown Palm Civet roam free on this farm. 

This high cupping coffee has tasting notes of Blackberry, Fig and Chocolate.


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